mmillsdesigns shop now open!

Welcome! I will update my progress on new items as well as new listings in my shop in my blog, so watch for updates in the coming weeks and months.

My website is finally fully functional and my shop is open! I only have the handmade jewelry section of my shop open at this time. I will be working on the other two sections in the coming weeks, my Destash Boutique and my Original Photography.

For those of you who not familiar with the term Destash, it is referring to the sale of crafting supplies. I have quite a few extra beads and supplies that I will be selling at a reasonable price in the coming months. I will have some individual items as well as a few bulk purchases available.

I will be working on new items for the jewelry section of my shop in the coming weeks and again, I will post updates in my blog.

If you have any questions for me please contact me through my Contact Me page.

Welcome to the new mmillsdesigns website!

I have decided to close my Etsy shop. Etsy has become greedy over the years and their site is no longer all about quality handmade items. They are now allowing sellers to come on to the site and sell cheap items that are made in China. Some sellers are taking the extra step to remove the “made in China” tag before sending the item out to unsuspecting customers but very often, that is not the case.

There are also issues with their analytics as far as shop items being visible on their main page. I am in a highly competative area on selling sites and I am not visible without constantly renewing my listings at $.20 each. I do not have that kind of money, so my sales on their site do not justify the cost of keeping my shop open.

So, now you can shop from my website and support my business directly!

Thank you for being here! I will get my “Shop” tab set up as soon as I can, so look for a new blog post announcing my Grand Opening Sale!